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Macau (South China) - the 90's
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To work on these home studio recordings we were blessed with the help of many dedicated musicians and friends who were willing to participate and help. Some had  professional experience, others had not.  We were driven by the desire to make a contribution, not just because of the music but also because of the message. As Christians from different backgrounds and  cultures, we set aside any differences and joined together to make music to honor Jesus and His Word.

Miro is an Eurasian singer, fluent in several languages including English , Portuguese and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin). He is a prolific songwriter himself and has published several CDs of his own songs. At that time he was working on his second CD published in Canton with the China Record Company.
He sung this song:



Carlos' main "trade" is the Piano. He was playing almost everyday as an entertainer and he is very gifted. On the weekends he attended the rehearsals of his church choir. Before moving to Canada where he is pursuing his career as a musician, he came to our studio to record some of our piano tracks.

He plays in this song:





Janine is a New Zealander who ended up in our studio "by accident". We  met Janine in Beijing where she was pursuing her studies in Chinese (Mandarin) at a local University. Together with some friends, we had a short but meaningful session sharing songs and musical ideas. As a dedicated Christian she immediately liked our songs about the Bible. She came to Macau where she recorded two songs. Here is one of them:


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