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Summary of our life story - the 90's and beyond...


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If you been following Jorge's [and Donna's] life's story summary and if you are interested in reading more, please click on the above studio tab and hear some of their music recordings during the 90's.
Meanwhile, Jorge and Donna also had 6 children born in Macau, South China. [see them here].

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Bible Audio Recordings
2009 songs by Jorge and Donna's teens

Jorge has also dedicated much of his time in the past 7 years to record the Holy Bible in Portuguese and develop web sites offering the Bible in several languages. See the above links or the main site here.

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You may also contact Jorge [and Donna] at js@wordproject.org.

Check these onlines Bibles! Seven of the most wide spoken languages in the world - with MP3 audio narration!


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