Lyrics adapted from the Holy Bible

Recorded by Trovador Productions - Coloane Island, Asia

Copyright © 1997 - J. S. and D. S.

The Bible contains the Word of God, whereof Jesus said: "is Spirit and Life" (John 6:63). In the Bible we find God's thoughts towards each of us personally and it has been said that we should learn them to be wise. In many circles the reading of the Bible continues to be a taboo, a matter of religious predisposition, instead of a necessary part of one's life. For us it also a source of inspiration, a treasure box full of riches for all; a way to Salvation, a guide, a shield, a source of strength so natural and indispensable as the air we breathe. This collection of songs contains a few of those precious jewels. The music was composed to get the hears of our young children and teenagers but it should fit just about anyone.

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