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This site is the short synthesis of the musical career of Jorge Soares - an unknown dreamer who loves music and has dedicated a great part of his life seeking for its meaning.

Throughout my teen years I spent hours, days and months learning to play guitar. Music was a refuge and a means of expressing my inner feelings. Since then, I have been involved with several music groups and acquired much experience, including live performances, composition, recording and translation of songs. Through many different styles and genders I came to set a particular interest in biblical music and in setting Bible verses to music.


I have traveled and lived in several countries, including Portugal, Mozambique, Spain, Brazil, Italy, India and, more recently, China. Through it all, I have managed to grasp the spiritual dimension of music, realizing, however, that it cannot save my soul. Moved by a inner desire to find true meaning for life I went to the Holy Bible and experienced a broader and deeper connection with the spiritual. In consequence, I started to play music and composing songs about the Bible, the Word of God.

This site aims to bring to you some of those songs, as well as offer you a glimpse into my music background. The recordings available here were made in a small home studio, in Macau, South China. between 1993 and 2000.

Donna and I have performed together in several countries as traveling minstrels. Now in China, with 8 children, we no longer find the time to perform except when we do it as a family. ( START here).

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